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This film review is, in some ways, a reaction to the bombastic, digital world of social media. It is designed for the entertainment of only those who have expressed a deep interest in our project or in our team. Nothing that is presented in the monthly, exclusive content will be shared publicly. In fact, we ask that you make a concerted effort to refrain from tweeting, posting, or commenting about this content anywhere on social media. In this way, we aim to create an exclusive experience that only you are privy to.

Instead of seeking popularity in the public's eye, our team desires to engage more deeply in conversations with a community interested in our work. All writing, videos, and photographs made for the purposes of this newsletter will go no further than your inbox. In other words, you are safe to think what you want to think without fear of reprimand.

In this review, we will comment on our project, on documentary filmmaking, and on the work our team is doing. You will have access to our process, and you will understand our projects more deeply than the general public can ever understand. In exchange, we ask only that you maintain enthusiasm for our film, and that you encourage others to support our work, which each of us find to be not only inspiring but deeply meaningful.  We also invite debate.  

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